Marking Flags Available for drop installations

As the number of drops (bringing  fiber cable from the road to your home ) increases,  the township is making white flags available to residents to mark personal facilities (see below).   These flags are available at no cost and can be found on the front porch of the township hall.  The flags are in bundles of 25.  Take what you need and please return them after the drop has been completed at you home.

More About Drops-

When you see flags on your property from the MISS DIG locating process   it is a good time to mark any buried, personal facilities you may have.  Miss Dig will locate public utilities (gas, telephone, electric).  The home owner is responsible for marking/identifying  any personal underground facilities, including but not limited to:  sprinkler systems, propane lines, septic lines, water lines, invisible pet fence, etc.  Marking flags, cones or  spray paint are good ways to do this.

MEC, our Internet service Provider and drop contractor, does not contact people before beginning work on their property, unless you requested that during the sign up process. If you would like a telephone notification, please email or call  MEC at 800.492.5989.

More information about the drop process ia available at:

LYNDON TWP March Presentation FINAL

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