I can do this with Broadband

With high speed broadband and unlimited data,  there are many possiblities that will be available to us that were unable to take advantage of before.    Here are some.  We hope that others will add their ideas here as well.  Just send them along through our contact page.

Homework/Distance Learning/Skills
Keep up with classroom assignments and innovative teaching methods like the “flipped classroom.” Earn certifications and advanced degrees from home. Upgrade skills and credentials to get a job or promotion.

Permits/Job Applications
Digitizing and streamlining the application process is a growing trend. Increasingly it is standard practice for reports, applications and registrations to be accepted only in digital form.

Personal/Professional / Video Communication
Conduct business, engage in meetings, conversations and forums remotely and in high definition without lag time.  With unlimited data you can use Video and Audio calling with Skype,  Factime or Google Hangouts for business meetings or commuicating with family and friends wherever they may live.

Home Security Systems
The homeowner with a remote capable system has the ability to arm, disarm, or otherwise manage the home alarm system as well as make use of surveillance cameras even if they are in another state or another part of theworld.

Health Care / Caregiver Support
Doctors, dentists, hospitals, stores, energy suppliers, and organizations are all moving towards online communication. Appointments, meetings and cross-disciplinary collaborations are accomplished online to achieve efficiencies. Tele-health arrangements enable doctors to monitor health conditions remotely saving trips to the doctor and improving care.

Benefits for the Mechanical-Technical/Farm and Home
Find sources and the best prices for replacement parts, trouble shoot problems, download software updates and watch how-to videos for do it yourself repairs.

Stock Market/Commodities/Remote Advisors/Agricultural News
News for farmers, investors, entrepreneurs, retirees; what are the markets doing, what advice can your business consultants offer, what is the impact of political developments?

Crop and Livestock Production/Best Practices
Find information about new crops, soil condition, fertilizers, alternative farming methods, etc.

Find out what the symptoms could mean before calling the Veterinarian. Consider teleconferencing rather than making an office visit or having a house call.

Detailed weather information the moment you need it, updated to the minute – from planning your work day to forecasting for the growing season.

Movies / Entertainment / Multi-player gaming
Enjoy high definition entertainment and virtual interaction without frustrating lag time.