Drop Information

Drop is the term used to describe the process of bringing the fiber optic cable from the main line fiber at the road and connecting it to an enclosure on your residence.

Here is information about the process and sequence of events that will occur.

  1. MEC’s Underground Contractor will call in a request to Miss Dig.
    Miss Dig will locate all public underground facilities.
    You will start to see other utility flags on your property.
  2.  At this time, the customer should mark or identify any of your
    personal underground facilities,  including but not limited to:  sprinkler systems, propane lines, septic lines, water lines, invisible pet fence, etc.  You can use Cones, spray paint, flags, etc.

MEC does not contact people before beginning drop work on their property, unless you requested that during the sign up process.

3.  MEC’s Underground Contractor will bury a fiber optic cable from the main line to your home

4.  A housebox (enclosure) will be placed on the outside of your home. This will be where the fiber will enter your home. This can be where all other utilities are located, where your current internet/telephone service enters your home, or just the best location to reach the desired end point.  This something you specified during the sign up process!

5.  There are two steps in the home installation.  A Splicing crew is assigned to splice fiber inside the pedestal  and housebox/enclosure.  This process connects your drop fiber to the main line fiber and adds the fiber cable that will be run into your home.  You do not need to be present during this process.

6.  Once the splicing is complete, you will receive a call from MEC to schedule a time for home installation.

Please review this presentation regarding the drop process-

LYNDON TWP March Presentation FINAL

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