Construction Update 8-4 to 8-17

Areas referenced below can be located on this map

Work completed 8/4 through 8/10:

  • 4 to 7 bore crews on-site
  • Bored 379′ feet on Island Lake Road (Island Lake PON)
  • Bored 700 feet on M-52 (Central Office PON)
  • Bored 160 feet on Roepke Road (Central Office PON)
  • Bored 1,885 feet on Sandhill Pointe (Central Office PON)
  • Bored 710 feet on N. Territorial Road (Central Office PON)
  • Bored 462 feet on Beeman Road (Boyce PON)
  • Bored 1,393 feet on Cassidy Road (Boyce PON)
  • Bored 1,975 feet on Roe Road (Sugarloaf PON)
  • Installed 1 pedestal in Central Office PON and 3 pedestals in Sugarloaf PON
  • Two new sign-ups for a total of 832 (309 Basic, 278 Ultra, 238 Gig, 4 undecided, 164 w phone, 3 phone only)
  • Continuing to have delays with Miss Dig locating utilities. ¬†Also problems with incorrect location of gas lines continue with Miss Dig.
Work to be completed 8/11 through 8/17:
  • 5 to 6 bore crews on-site plus a cable pull and splicing crew
  • Bore on M-52 (Central Office PON)
  • Bore on North Territorial (Central Office PON)
  • Bore on Sandhill Pointe (Central Office PON)
  • Bore on South Lake Drive (Central Office PON)
  • Bore on Boyce Road (Boyce PON)
  • Bore on Roe Road (Sugarloaf PON)
  • Test and turnover Werkner PON to MEC to begin home installations and activations
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