MEC July Construction Update


Over the last month, we installed service in five homes. These are people who are evaluating the installation process and service to provide us with meaningful feedback so that we can ensure the very best service experience for all future customers.

Here are just a few comments shared by these folks:

  • “We have been streaming movies, playing online video games and using four cell phones with WiFi. The movies are streaming better than before.”
  • “My son and husband watch a lot of YouTube. All of us spend a lot of time on our phones. My son is thrilled with the way his Xbox is working! He says this internet service is Bad A$$!”
  • “… my son does not have to go to a friend’s house to update his Xbox or his computer. We are all able to be on our devices at the same time with no slow down!”
  • “All is working great! Our U-verse was not bad, but as my husband says ‘this is quite snappy!’ Pages load quickly and we don’t notice any bogging down when clicking on new pages quickly.”

Don’t forget that service is now available at the Township Hall. Stop by for a test drive as you await your installation.

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