Construction Update 6-30 to 7-20

Areas referenced below can be located on this map

Work completed 6/30 through 7/13:

4 to 7 bore crews on-site
Bored 2,044 feet on Island Lake Point (Island Lake PON)
Bored 2,700 feet on North Territorial Road (Island Lake PON)
Bored 800 feet on Rex Road (Island Lake PON)
Bored 593 feet under Island Lake (Island Lake PON)
Bored 1,524 feet on Roepke Road (Central Office PON)
Bored 1,065 feet on South Lake Road (Central Office PON)
Bored 2,614 feet on M-52 (Central Office PON)
Installed 7 pedestals in Island Lake PON and 3 pedestals in Central Office PON
Escalated delayed and incorrect Miss Dig gas and electric locates that are causing delays in boring and drop construction
Beta testers reported that they are happy with the new broadband service
1 new signup (830 total signups: 308 Basic, 279 Ultra, 236 Gig, 4 undecided, 170 with phone, 3 phone only)

Work to be completed 7/14 through 7/20:

6 to 8 bore crews on-site
Bore on Rex Road (Island Lake PON)
Bore on M-52 (Central Office PON)
Bore on Roepke Road (Central Office PON)
Bore on Cassidy Road (Boyce PON)
Bore on Bush Road (Sugarloaf PON)
Construct drops at 32 houses in Werkner and Island Lake PON (postponed from the previous week due to Miss Dig delays and inaccuracies)

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