Construction Update 7-14 to 7-27

Areas referenced below can be located on this map
Work completed 7/14 through 7/20:
  • 6 to 8 bore crews on-site
  • Bored 1,343 feet on Roepke Road (Central Office PON)
  • Bored 4,209 feet on M-52 (Central Office PON)
  • Bored 3,170 feet on Bush Road (Sugarloaf PON)
  • Bored 2,423 feet on Cassidy Road (Boyce PON)
  • Installed 2 pedestals in Central Office PON and 6 pedestals in Sugarloaf PON
  • Continued to escalate delayed and incorrect Miss Dig gas and electric locates that are causing delays in boring and drop construction
  • MEC sent out July update
  • No new sign-ups
Work to be completed 7/21 through 7/27:
  • 5 to 6 bore crews on-site
  • Bore on M-52 (Central Office PON)
  • Bore on Roepke Road (Central Office PON)
  • Bore on Bush Road (Sugarloaf PON)
  • Complete cable placement and splicing in Werkner PON
  • Construct drops at 32 houses in Werkner and Island Lake PON (Update:  5 drops were completed on July 22 and 6 drops were completed on July 23 in Werkner PON)
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