Construction Update 6-23 to 7-6

Areas referenced below can be located on this map

Work completed 6/23 through 6/29:
  • 5 bore crews on-site
  • Spliced into house box, installed router, and activated broadband service at 5 beta testers on Werkner Road
  • Bored 1,427 feet on Waterloo Road (Werkner PON)
  • Bored 537 feet on Island Lake Drive (Island Lake PON)
  • Bored¬†1,000 feet¬†(estimate) on North Territorial Road (Island Lake PON)
  • Bored 994 feet on Roepke Road (Central Office PON)
  • Bored 294 feet on Coopersfield Road (Boyce PON)
  • Installed 6 pedestals in Werkner PON, 1 pedestal in Boyce PON, and 2 pedestals in Island Lake PON
  • Lyndon Township residents received an MEC flyer in their Summer property tax bill
  • No new signups
Work to be completed 6/30 through 7/6:
  • 5 bore crews on-site
  • Bore under Island Lake (Island Lake PON)
  • Bore on N. Territorial Road (Island Lake PON)
  • Bore on Island Lake Point (Island Lake PON)
  • Bore on Rex Road (Island Lake PON)
  • Bore on Roepke Road (Central Office PON)
  • Construct drops at 32 houses in Werkner and Island Lake PON
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