Rural Digital Opportunity Fund 1-30-2020

The Federal Communications Commission today took its single biggest step to date to close the digital divide by establishing the new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to efficiently fund the deployment of high-speed broadband networks in rural America to bring gigabit speed broadband networks into unserved rural areas, connecting millions more American homes and businesses to digital opportunity.  

 The Oversight committee for the Lyndon Broadband project attended a meeting last week with our Internet Service Provides MEC.  Present at that meeting was Bob Hance the President & CEO of MEC who had recently attended a  meeting with Representative Tim Walberg and  Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC.  The meeting with Walberg and Pai focused on the challenges of rural broadband deployment and the federal government’s attempts to assist in that endeavor.
Unfortunately Lyndon does not qualify Rural Digital Opportunity Fund.  The new funding is targeted for the unserved & under-served in areas where the average income level is well below that of Lyndon.  There are also some technology related issues that disqualify Lyndon.
It is important to note that the Broadband Implementation Committee continues to keep a close watch on grant opportunities for our project.
You can read more about Rural Digital Opportunity Fund here:
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