Construction Update Week ending 3/9/2019

Areas referenced below can be located on this map

Work completed 3/3 through 3/9:

  • 3 crews on-site
  • Bored 794 feet on Werkner Road (Werkner PON)
  • Bored 2,017 feet on N Territorial (Central Office PON)
  • 620 total sign-ups
Work to be completed 3/10 through 3/16:
  • 3 crews on-site
  • Continue boring on Werkner Road and N Territorial Road
  • Finalize drop construction work
  • Attend Future Path training (Lyndon Township, H&M and MEC drop contractor)
  • Finalize plans and marketing for March 27 Open House with MEC at Lyndon Township Hall.  Open House will be followed-up with an Education Session on The Drop Installation Process: This is a key step in the process as build the service drop to your home. Learn how to prepare for this step, what happens on your property, and what follows.
  • Provide training to bring additional crews on-site
  • Put together training materials to add to H&M on-boarding for spring / summer encounters with Eastern Massassagua Rattlesnake
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