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This website has been created to provide comprehensive, accurate and timely information for residents of Lyndon Township about the broadband network that is being built in the township,  If you are looking for information that you do not find here or would like to ask a question, please contact at:  

Lyndon Township Completes Broadband Project



Project Updates

Broadband Project Update July 9, 2018

Lyndon Township has released a RFP (Request for Proposal ) for the Outside Plant Project. The Outside Plant Project is the actual construction/installation part of of our broadband project.   This construction phase consists of installing approximately 70 miles of mainline fiber optic cable within  the township.  All responses to the RFP are due by 1:00pm, […]

Broadband Project Update June 11, 2018

Our Broadband project is continuing to make significant steps forward. Finley Engineering is working in the field to gather detailed information about the specific location of where fiber optic cables will be installed in Lyndon Township.  You have most likely seen their crews working throughout the township. The RFP (Request for Proposal) to be put […]

Lyndon Township Selects Internet Service Provider Operator

The Lyndon Township Broadband Implementation Committee’s Subcommittee for ISP and Bandwidth Selection in conjunction with CCG Consulting has been meeting over the past several months to establish criteria for selection of an ISP operator, issue a request for information (RFI) for an ISP operator, and seek clarifying information based on the responses to this RFI. […]