Broadband Oversight Committee Update

With the completion of the construction and installation phases of the broadband project, the Township has established a Broadband Oversight Committee.  This committee is made up of Lyndon residents and will serve in an advisory capacity to the township board.  The group is charged with monitoring the ongoing physical performance of our network as well as working closely with the Township’s Internet Service Provider, Midwest Energy and Communications (MEC), to ensure customer satisfaction with the services they are receiving. Residents are instructed to contact MEC first to resolve any service issues they may be experiencing, but the Oversight Committee (email: is in place to resolve any issues that residents may have with MEC.

Recently you may have noticed MEC working on broadband installations to homes located just outside our township boundaries.  During the negotiation of our five-year contract with MEC, MEC agreed to cover the cost of building the fiber link to connect our Lyndon network to the Internet backbone.   In exchange, our agreement allows MEC to serve subscribers outside of Lyndon utilizing our network. This was planned for in the design of the network and its capacity. MEC subscribers outside of Lyndon Township have no affiliation with our network service or negotiated rates. In addition, the connections will not degrade the quality or speed of our service.

We are in contact with MEC about their plans and will keep you advised of these activities.

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