Public WiFi Access

To provide assistance to some Lyndon Township residents who do not yet have access to broadband, Lyndon Township, MEC, and your neighbors are working together on a unique solution to add public WiFi access to currently connected Lyndon Township homes. Residents who live close to someone who has been connected to broadband may be able to get online using a new “Lyndon Public” WiFi network.
On an opt-in basis, we are providing the capability for residents who have been connected to the broadband service to turn on a “Lyndon Public” WiFi guest network. Neighbors who are within range of these networks can connect with no password. Unfortunately WiFi only has a range of around 300 feet as a best case, so this will only help neighbors who live close to others who have the service, and only in the zones that are active – currently Werkner, Island Lake, and Central Office. Coverage will increase as additional households and zones come online. Please know that at long distances WiFi speeds may be slow and unreliable – for some residents this will be better than nothing, but please do not consider these long distance connections as a good example of what the fiber service is capable of.
We’d like to thank the residents who have chosen to opt in to this service and share their broadband connections. For connected residents who would still like to opt in, you can still do so opting in here. We’d also like to thank MEC for taking staff time during this busy period to make this happen.
If you have any questions please email
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