MEC Update 3-27-2020

Given the stay-at-home orders issued by the Governors of Michigan and Indiana we are discontinuing in-home fiber installations until April 13. We know this service is more important than ever as people find themselves doing work and school from home; however, it is imperative that we do our part to contain this virus. Currently outside fiber construction is also paused, but we are working with our contractors on a day to day basis to see what construction can be accomplished during this period.

In the interim, our team has implemented a process to provide necessary equipment along with instructions and telephone support to enable self-installs for households that are ready for activation. Customers must meet certain qualifications for this option as there are some stringent requirements to ensure the viability and reliability of the service. Our representatives will reach out directly to customers who are eligible for this self-install process.  At this time, we ask that you not contact us about the self-install due to the number of calls we are currently receiving.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these uncharted waters.

WiFi at the Township Hall

The WiFi at the Township Hall is available for public use. Residents are welcome to park in the Township parking lot and access the WiFi. You should park near the front of the building – the WiFi access point is on the northeast corner of the building. The wireless networks are “Lyndon Public 5GHz” and “Lyndon Public 2.4GHz”. The 5GHz network can yield faster speeds but has shorter coverage, the 2.4GHz can yield slower speeds but has better coverage. Speeds are highly affected by distance from the access point, how much the metal in your car blocks the signal, and other factors. Please note that while the Township Hall has a 1 Gbps connection, actual speeds on WiFi will be slower than this.

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