Construction Update January 20-February 9

Areas referenced below can be located on this map

Work completed 1/20 through 1/26:
  • Bored 1,008 feet on Island Lake Road (Island Lake PON)
  • Bored 245 feet on Werkner Road (Werkner PON)
  • Submitted WCRC permit application for Waterloo Road (the last one!)
  • Ordered remaining fiber
Due to the weather, no boring was completed between January 27 and February 1.
Work to be completed 2/3 through 2/9:
  • Continue boring on Island Lake Road (Island Lake PON) with 3 crews
  • Last of the fiber to be delivered to Canton warehouse
  • Submit 4 Livingston County Road Commission permit applications (Note: These permit applications will need to be signed by both Lyndon Township and H&M.)
    • Bowdish Road – Jaycox to Worden Road
    • Joslin Lake Road – county line to Barnum Road
    • Barnum Road – Hadley Road to Joslin Lake Road
    • Hadley Road – county line to Barnum Road
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