Construction Update January 13-26

Areas referenced below can be located on this map

Work completed 1/13 through 1/19:
  • Continued boring on Island Lake Road (Island Lake PON)
  • Continued boring on Werkner Road (Werkner PON)
  • Found a residential location in central Lyndon Township for equipment holding
  • Received 24 WCRC permits for 23 roads
    • Beeman Road
    • Westborne Court
    • Osius Road
    • Oakridge Road
    • Boyce Road
    • Bowdish Road
    • Bush Road
    • Clark Lake Road
    • Lingane Road
    • Gaddis Road
    • Hadley Road
    • Joslin Lake Road (2 permits)
    • Guinan Road
    • Goodband Road
    • Fourth Street
    • First Street
    • Cassidy Road
    • Bartell Road
    • Leeke Road
    • North Lake Road
    • Second Street
    • Watt Road
    • Wild Goose Lake Road
  • Received 3 drain use permits from Washtenaw County Water Resources Commission (waiting for updated version with corrected expiration date)
  • MEC posted the January construction update
  • Residents who have not signed up for service yet received the January postcard
Work to be completed 1/20 through 1/26:
  • Continue boring on Island Lake Road (Island Lake PON)
  • Continue boring on Werkner Road (Werkner PON)
  • Submit WCRC permit application for Waterloo Road (3 WCRC permits remain to be approved – Waterloo Road, Joslin Lake Drive and Roepke Road)

Note:  Due to weather conditions and equipment issues, little boring progress has been made in the past two weeks.

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