Construction Field Work Begins October 22

Working  with our Outside Plant Construction firm, Henkels and McCoy, significant progress had been made with construction planning, design, material acquisition and warehousing.  On Monday, October 22,  Henkels and Mccoy will begin work in the field to stake the location for the installation of the fiber optic cable.  This staking will include the initial route to the township hall and the Werkner and Island Lake zones.  A map of the zones in the township can be found at:

The schedule for the remaining zones is contingent on the completion of the permitting processes. As this permitting is completed, additional scheduling information will be made available.

It is important to be aware that construction crews will now be actively working on the township public and private roadways.  We encourage everyone to exercise caution while driving on our roadways. In addition, it is important to remember that these construction sites are subject to strict safety regulations that require safety vest, hard hat and safety glasses for anyone on site.

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